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Message from M D's Desk

Dear Customer/ Partner,

                 I am honored to lead TTC and I deeply appreciate your continued support for us. We are more than ready to provide our best services and meet the expectations of our customers. We seek for your continued support for an interest in our company.

Corporate Philosophy

1. Customer-oriented We will provide high-quality and professional services meeting the needs of our customers.
2. People-oriented We will carry out people-oriented management with the belief that satisfaction of our employees is the source of further development of this Company.
3. Future-oriented We pursue changes for the future and try to install future-oriented system based on the new knowledge and creative approach.
4. Advanced logistical leader We are determined to contribute to the enhanced competitiveness of our customers while helping advanced logistics systems fully introduced to the Indian industry.
5. Value creation While fulfilling social responsibilities as a company, we will continue to dedicate ourselves to the full realization of our corporate values.

Management Policy

1. Working on the procedures established in compliance with rules and regulations.
2. Meeting requirements of customers and interested parties.
3. Green logistics.
4. Safety first.
5. Public safety and security.
6. Legal and ethic conduct.
7. Continual training staffs.
8. Continual improvement.

9. Proper internal and external communications.
10. Continual review of the conformity of Management system

Management Objectives

1. To minimize of non-conformities for customer satisfaction. 2. No illegal conducts. 3. Energy saving for Green environment. 4. No accident. 5. Enhancement of staff competence.

Thank you.
Amrut Distilleries Ltd-Palakkad
United Beweries Ltd-Palakkad
Excel Glasses Ltd-Alleppey
Philips Carbon IndiaLtd-Karimugal
Radico Khaitan Ltd-Trivandrum
Mission & Vision
We provide innovative and cost efficient integrated transportation and logistics solutions through Professional and dedicated employees to deliver superior value to our customers.
We will be recognized as the market leader in the Indian Logistics Industry  by our customers, employees and other stakeholders.
•Teamwork - We compete as a team •Customer Focus - We are focused on optimizing our customers’ supply chains and saving them money
•Passion - We are passionate about being the best in the industry and having fun in the process •Integrity - We act in the best interest of our people and customers •Continuous Improvement - We are innovative and committed to continuous improvement in all areas of our business
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